Never miss the chance
to step on a whoopee cushion

This morning on my walk back from dropping off my son Jasper at school, I saw this whoopee cushion lying on the street. I stepped on it but it didn't whoop. A car must have run over and blown it. I still couldn't help but giggle because I love the pure silliness of it. I think we need more whoopee cushions in our lives. They are pure non-sense, having no purpose other than making people laugh by a noise which sounds like a fart. But most of all, they are ego killers. Farting in public is so funny (even though we try to pretend it didn't happen) because it makes the coolest, richest, most famous person on the planet become a human like you and me in an instant. That's why we avoid doing it in public at any cost – we don't want other people to see behind our concept of ourselves.
Add some lightness to your life today! Get a whoopee cushion and put it on the seat of someone who you admire!

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