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From Thinking to Doing
Fear comes in many forms, like not saying hello to a stranger, not asking someone out, not checking your bank account, or not applying for that job. Notice the not in this. Fear is causing you to not do things rather than doing them. I spent so much time thinking and not doing that I became really good at it. As fear is actually caused by thoughts, you can imagine that thinking didn't really make me happier, nor did it motivate me to do the things I most desired. I didn't take a risk. I wanted to stay safe.

Today, I'm totally fearless and happy 24/7. Just kidding. What's different, though, is my awareness of fear and what I do with it. This is my definition of being fearless: not allowing fear to get in your way.

Your infinite potential exists just on the other side of your fear.

Working with me
I help individuals and groups identify what's holding them back and create what they want. It all starts with you and your mindset – what you think about yourself and the world. We dive deep, identify limiting patterns, make an action plan and create the life, career and relationships you actually want. Powerful coaching is a space where magic happens as you create what you didn't think was possible. Coaching is available in person in Vancouver/Canada, or via Skype/Zoom/phone.
Coaching topics often include

  • wanting more but feeling stuck
  • navigating through crisis and burnout, creating enthusiasm
  • authentic leadership, leading from the inside-out
  • identifying your limiting stories about yourself/your business
  • finding your zone of genius
  • defining your goals and identifying real and imagined obstacles
  • making life-changing decisions and taking action
  • moving from employment to self-employment
  • being a better partner, father, leader

The power of nature

Being also a certified Vision Quest Guide, I'm passionate about using nature as a coaching environment to find hidden gold. There's something about the presence of trees, creeks, birds which makes it easier for us to access intuition and creativity. As part of my one-to-one coaching I take my clients into nature to get them out of their heads for a fresh perspective. Personally, I have my best insights when I just sit on a log and watch hummingbirds and Canada geese.

Why would you hire a coach?

Good question. It's a choice you make to get better, challenge yourself, create more money, love, confidence, or whatever you miss in your life. Nobody needs a coach. Highly successful people hire coaches not because they need help but they want help. They know that working with someone who can see both your potential and blind spots has immense value. Someone who doesn't buy into your limiting stories and helps you create those which actually move you forward.

Now you are here

What's missing in your life and how are you keeping it out?
What would you like to do but aren't doing right now, and why?
When you have a good life and all, how come that you are still feeling empty at times?
How would you benefit from coaching and how serious would be your commitment of time and money?

Creativity Coaching

Helping creative companies and individuals
Constantly delivering creative results in today's volatile and highly dynamic business
environment can feel at best like trying to hit a moving target.
I help organizations and their leaders in the creative sectors – digital, advertising, marketing, design, gaming and film – to meet the specific challenges of creative work.

After 25+ years as a writer and creative director in advertising, both in-house and freelance, I know what it means to be successful with creative work: It's extremely rewarding, and extremely draining at times (of energy, joy, health, inspiration, happiness, friendship, meaning, money, and much more)

When I coach you as a creative leader, team member or founder, my focus is on the gap between your current reality and your desired future. Our common work is to identify what prevents this desired future from being realized, and the steps required to change it. This includes not only your creative work but also, or most of all, every aspect of your life.

For creative leaders:
You feel the constant pressure of delivering extraordinary results, pleasing clients and
stakeholders to do more with less. Your responsibility is to ensure that each voice is heard, and that the team feels motivated and engaged. Your high bar for excellence is being challenged with new but often less creative channels and briefs. Finding the right people for your team has become increasingly difficult with greater competition. I will help you identify your desired areas of growth and operationalize them through stretch goals that expand your leadership capacity.

For creative teams and individual contributors:
Your current ways of working are blocking your true potential. The team is so stretched that it's impossible to constructively challenge each other's ideas to generate the best thinking. I will help you regain clarity and momentum while fostering the resilience to get through whatever might come around the bend.

For founders:
It can be very lonely at the top. Balancing success and love for your team is a tricky one. Everyone seems to have a hard time, but you are the one who's really responsible. There's always someone breathing down your neck, and keeping an optimistic face is your daily challenge, at work and at home. I will help you realize your vision into a meaningful plan of action by creating new habits and ways of thinking.

Extraordinary results for companies:

• Re-connect leadership and team
• Deepened trust among the team
• Access full creative potential
• Higher team engagement
• Value proposition to attract new talent
• Realize creative agility without losing talent

Extraordinary results for creatives:

• Consistent work that competes with the very best
• Access your full creative potential
• Stay inspired
• Value your work and get valued
• Balance individuality and cooperation
• Create abundance and connection
• Meet criticism and failure with strength
Uwe Gesierich
At the age of 48, I profoundly reinvented myself. I quit my job in advertising, moved from Germany to Canada, got married and became a father of two beautiful children. After being a stay-at-home-dad for a couple years, I followed my passion and became a coach. I love learning from the best and have the honor to call Steve Chandler, the godfather of coaching, my mentor and inspiration. I love nature, self-mastery, family life, photography, cheese, watching football, and self defense.

How I got there:
Born 1963 in Germany, BA (Visual Communication), journalist, copy writer, creative director in advertising for clients including Intel and Microsoft, certified Vision Quest Guide (self development in nature), faculty of THNK School of Creative Leadership, certified coach by CTI (The Coaches Training Institute).
I'm opening three spots for new clients in January 2019. Reach out to me if you'd like to be one of them.
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